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I'm a 20 year old junior in college, trying to promote a healthy life style for myself and others, which can definitely be hard to do in college. In this blog, I'll experiment with recipes, blog about my own progress towards body wellness inside-and-out, and hopefully help some of you out along the way! Last summer, with a month of exercise and eating right, I lost my freshman 15. Over the past year, I have been maintaining my weight and continuing to hone my healthy cooking skills!

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Don’t you love crunchy, carby, cheesey, hot things? Don’t you hate the added bad fats and calories that come along with them? I do too. So, instead, try making these delicious “Mozzarella Sticks” for only 160 calories!


2 slices 100% Whole Wheat Sara Lee Delightful Bread [90 cals]
1/4 cup low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese [70 cals]
1T Marinara Sauce for dipping (optional) [10 cals]

1) Toast bread in toaster till they have a desired crunch.

2) Sprinkle cheese on one slice of bread and top with the other.

3) Zap in microwave for 20 seconds.

4) Munch on, foodies, munch on!

Don’t you love crunchy, carby, cheesey, hot things? Don’t you hate the added bad fats and calories that come along with them? I do too. So, instead, try making these delicious “Mozzarella Sticks” for only 160 calories!


2 slices 100% Whole Wheat Sara Lee Delightful Bread [90 cals]
1/4 cup low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese [70 cals]
1T Marinara Sauce for dipping (optional) [10 cals]

1) Toast bread in toaster till they have a desired crunch.

2) Sprinkle cheese on one slice of bread and top with the other.

3) Zap in microwave for 20 seconds.

4) Munch on, foodies, munch on!

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I’d much rather buy some fruit and oatmeal, thankyouverymuch!

I’d much rather buy some fruit and oatmeal, thankyouverymuch!

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thinifyme-deactivated20111026 asked: Hi! First of all, your blog is amazing! It's so helpful and delicious:) Anyway, I was wondering how many calories you intake a day and how you spread it out like 300 for breakfast or what?


Thank you! To be honest, my calorie intake throughout the day does seem to vary a lot, especially now that I’m back in school. I try and look ahead at my day and take things into account—for example, if I know I’m eating out with friends later in the day or going to a party where there will be lots of tempting food, I’ll make my meals earlier in the day a little less caloric (though NEVER too small that I’m starving during the day.) I’d say for breakfast, I usually eat 200-300 calories, making sure I eat some amount of whole grain (like whole grain toast or oatmeal) and some protein (whether from egg whites, yogurt, or whey protein). If I had a smaller breakfast, I usually have a small 100-calorie ish snack mid morning (usually fruit.) For lunch, I always try and make a salad full of veggies at the salad bar (drizzled with a little vinegar and olive oil to help my body absorb the nutrients!) and eat that first, then usually eat about 250-300 calories (protein and whole grains emphasized again! I also like having a cup of soup.) If I’m hungry later in the afternoon and I know I’m having a later dinner, then I have some sort of snack, with protein or veggies or fruit, or some combo of that, no more than 200 calories. If I have an earlier dinner, I eat that first and then save my snack for when I’m studying later in the night. At dinner I have another small salad, and  another 250-300 calories. Finally, I have a 100-200 calorie snack at night. I try and eat at least 1300 calories a day. The important thing is that you never are too hungry or feel too deprived during the day. Eat foods that fill you up, like whole grains and protein, and salads/veggies with lots of fiber are great too. Don’t deny yourself desert, just have it in moderation/know some deserts are deceptively small for their high calorie counts. Hope this helps!

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Love BBQ Chips? Try this healthy swap instead!

Not gonna lie, Barbeque chips are delicious, but they are also kind of bad for you. And the worst part about them? As with all chips, you can never eat “just one” or “just one serving” even. And even if you do get the single-serving bag, they seem to disappear in a snap! Most of that bag is pure air. Where did the chips go? Well, a 160 calorie, 1oz serving of potato chips is about 15 chips. That’s what happened. There weren’t many to begin with. Which is why I bring you this delicious alternative—with all the flavor and crunch of BBQ chips, lots of added health benefits, and 28 pieces instead of just 15:

Habanero BBQ

That’s right gang. Flavored almonds. And these are so good for you! Not to mention, they taste AWESOME! I bought these the other day at Walgreens because 1) I like almonds 2) I’d only ever really tried cinnamon, honey, or chocolate-flavored almonds. Almonds and spices just didn’t seem good to me or something, but I was curious that day, and I bought these. And I’m so glad I did.

When I first tried one, my immediate thought was “OH MY GOD! THESE TASTE JUST LIKE BARBECUE LAYS!” You know? That sweet-yet-spicy awesomeness? Yeah. These capture it perfectly. Then I got curious, and did some googling and comparing of nutrition facts. 

The first thing I noticed was the calories—roughly the same. The Lays have 160 calories per serving, and the nuts? 170. Next, I noticed the number of “pieces” I get per serving (I like to munch!) For the Lays, I get a measly 15 chips. For the almonds? 28 FREAKIN’ AWESOME NUTS!

Now let’s chip out the other facts. 

TOTAL FAT: Lays: 10g (1g saturated, 2.5 grams polyunsaturated, 5g monounsaturated), Almonds: 15g (1g saturated). So yes, almonds have “more fat,” but their fat is all-natural, and GOOD FOR YOU, whereas the fat from Lays come from the oils they are fried in. 

SODIUM: Lays: 150mg, Almonds: 100mg

CARBS: Lays: 15g (Fiber: 1g, Sugars: 2g), Almonds: 5g (Fiber: 3g, Sugars: 2g)

PROTEIN: Lays: 2g, Almonds: 6g.

Not to mention, a serving of almonds is WAY more filling than a serving of chips. Why? The chips have way more simple carbs from the potatos, which digest much faster than the good fats, protein, and fiber of almonds. 

Oh and by the way, a bag of chips is usually 99 cents, and a tub of these almonds, about three dollars. But for those $3, you get 6 servings. So you actually save 50 cents a serving with this swap too!

To me the choice is clear. More protein, more fiber, healthy fats, more PIECES, and the same crunch and flavor? It’s Almonds for the win!

NOTE: Just make sure you count out your almond portion and don’t eat them straight out of the tin. Because, like the BBQ chips, these things can get addictive!

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reachingtheideal-deactivated201 asked: I love what you've done with your tumblr and after I finish the Dukan Diet those recipes will be particularly useful especially because I'm starting uni this year. I was wondering, how do you know how many calories is in each meal if you make it from scratch?


Nutritional labels and a little math, my dear! Although I wish I could say I truly made all my meals from scratch—grew the grains, raised the chickens for the eggs, etc. etc., we all know that’s not possible. Most of the foods I make are made of other things—oatmeal, egg whites from a carton, flour. And each one of these things has a nutrition label, saying the serving size and what the nutrition label is per that serving size. If the serving size is not the size I need, I find how it relates to the serving size I need, and then do some kitchen math to see what’s in the needed serving size. (example: I need one teaspoon of something, and the nutrition label says a serving size is 1 Tablespoon. There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon, so I divide everything in the nutrition label by three.) When making things that make multiple servings (say, muffins), I calculate the total calories/nutrition for the entire recipe and then divide all of this data by the number of servings I ultimately ended up making. (Ex. My recipe made 15 muffins, so I divide the sum of the nutrition facts I calculated by 15.) For fruits and vegetables, the only things that really don’t come with a nutrition label these days, I use sources such as or for nutrition facts. Hope this helps!

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Just for you, some tips on how to keep both your cravings and appetite on the D-L, simply by getting things out of your direct line of vision.

1. Keep serving bowls off the dinner table. Studies have show you are more likely to reach for more if it’s directly in front of you. But if you keep the food on your kitchen counter, without even realizing it, you’ll think twice about getting up to get more. Let’s be honest, we’re naturally lazy. That’s why this trick works.

2. Before you eat, portion your food on your plate. Measure, don’t take more than the portion. Eat your whole meal, then decide if you want more of something. This is especially good for those of us with clean-your-plate syndrome. You aren’t wasting it if it’s left on your plate, if there is nothing left on your plate to waste!

3. Rearrange your pantry/fridge, putting the healthier foods closer to eye level, and putting those unhealthy treats high-enough or low-enough to be out of your line of vision. Better yet, hide them /behind/ your healthy foods. Again, naturally lazy. If you have to put effort into looking for something, when there is a pretty good choice right in front of you, you’ll likely go for the easier thing. Conversely, you’ll know if you actually REALLY want the unhealthy food if you have to try for it, vs. it being a zombie’d I’m-hungry search.

4. Leave out healthy snacks on the counter, keep the unhealthy things in drawers. Goes along the same line. Too often are a plate of cookies left out on the counter top instead of a plate of carrots, celery, and a lite ranch dip. 

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iHop Swap: 180 Cal Breakfast Scramble!

I woke up really hungry and this delicious scramble filled me right up. Cheesy, “Beef”y, Vegetarian, and filled with veggies and a little bit of spice. Only about 180 calories for a whole 2 cups full of food and 33g of filling protein. Mmm.


  • 1/2 Cup Egg Whites [60 cals, 12g protein]
  • 1/2 Cup Boca Crumbles [60 cals, 13g protein]
  • 2 slices Sharp Cheddar Kraft Fat Free Singles [50 cals, 8g protein]
  • Chopped veggies [However many you want! The more the merrier! I used cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach.]
  • Any spices/seasonings you want. [salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder, HOT SAUCE?]


1) Cook the Boca crumbles in a skillet over medium-high heat for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

2) Add in the veggies! Continue to stirrr!

3) Add in the egg whites, and scramble everything up with a spatula!

4) Tear up cheese slices and toss them in, mixing everything around. 

5) Pour into a bowl and eat your fill. (And trust me, it WILL fill you up.)

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My yummy lunch! 3oz left over pork tenderloin + Tofu Shirataki Noodles Alfredo (Hungry-Girl recipe!) And only 245 calories in total mmmm Recipe soon!

My yummy lunch! 3oz left over pork tenderloin + Tofu Shirataki Noodles Alfredo (Hungry-Girl recipe!) And only 245 calories in total mmmm Recipe soon!

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Don’t think of exercise as an exchange.

Seriously. I used to do it, and it was ultimately really bad for my mental (and possibly, physical) health.

When you work out with the mindset of “If I burn this many calories, then I can eat this,” you are mentally equating exercise to a chore. Not to mention, that if you are burning to eat something, you are probably burning to eat something unhealthy (My favorite when I used to do this was “If I burn 450 calories, then I can have one slice of chocolate banana  bread at Starbucks!) So not only was I beating myself up if I ate that slice without burning the extra 450 calories, but I was also eating something super bad for me.

Not to mention, did you know on average most work out machines overestimate your “Calories burned” by 15-20%? The calories you burn all depend on things like your height, age, weight, etc. etc. Sometimes machines let you plug that in, sometimes they don’t. Nevertheless! Don’t trust the machine! Because, if you do, you might actually be eating way over all those calories burned.

Instead, try and develop a positive perspective on exercise. Focus on the endorphins you feel after, look ahead to the future to see a stronger, healthier, you, and for goodness sakes, try and choose a post-workout snack that is both delicious AND good for you. (Like, in lieu of that Starbuck’s pastry, try half a banana with peanut butter and a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips.)

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Chocolate Marshmallow Cereal Bar!

Yum, yum, yum. Quick, home-made, micro-wave made, single-serving equivalent of a rice krispy treat. Only 100 calories. The best part is? You can use whatever kind of cereal you like (do your math to make sure it’s a 75 calorie portion, though if you want just 100 calories for the bar!) I used Chocolate Little Frosted Mini Wheats. They taste like oreos. Mmmm.


  • 19 Little Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats biscuits (or any 75-calorie portion of your favorite cereal!) [75 calories]
  • 1 Large Jet-Puffed marshmallow [25 calories]


Place cereal in a microwavable bowl. If your cereal has bigger pieces (like mine), break them into small pieces with your fingers…or whatever tool you want. If it’s smallter (say, rice krispies, or cheerios) don’t worry about this step.

Break marshmallow into smaller pieces and place on top of cereal. Zap bowl in microwave 30 seconds.

(CAUTION: Bowl will be hot. Have something on hand to hold it with, just in case.)

Take bowl out of microwave and stir with spoon, mixing marshmallow and cereal together as well as possible. If it’s not thoroughly mixed, zap in microwave another 20 seconds, take out bowl, and mix again.

Wet your fingers (to avoid sticking!) and mold mixture into a bar shape. Wait for it to cool (try popping it in your fridge), or just…eat it warm! Enjoy!

TIP: Wetting the spoon might also be a good idea. It’s annoying if it sticks.

TIP2: Enjoy the treat on a napkin and wash your bowl ASAP. The marshmallow makes it sticky and hard to wash. Maybe try lightly greasing bowl with PAM? I’ll try that next time.

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Cottage Cheese Cantaloupe Bowl!

This is my delicious post-workout snack. Packed with protein and vitamin C! About 160 calories and really tasty. REALLY TASTY. Also, it’s SUPER fun to eat!

Credit to undressedskeleton for the recipe!


  • 1/2 Cantaloupe (80 cals)
  • 1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese (80 cals)
  • Cinnamon (optional, to taste)


Cut cantaloupe in half, core out seeds with a spoon, and fill the tiny new “bowl” with cottage cheese. Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy!

Calories: 160 Protein: 15g!

My cat (below) liked it too! She was trying to get at it the whole time I was eating it. I let her “lick the bowl.”

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Today’s Exercise!

I went to the gym today and did the elliptical (typical, I always do the elliptical at the gym!) I’m a fan of old habits. And though I’ve just started picking up running, it was way too hot/humid outside to run today.

HOWEVER, I stepped outside my bubble a little today and chose a new program on the elliptical—Cross Country. It consistently changes the resistance from 1 to 9 the entire time.

I read SELF magazine the whole time too (while listening to music), reading inspiring stories, advice, and healthy tips. I love that magazine!

Anyways, I did the elliptical for 65 minutes total. Whoo! The machine said I burned 676 calories…but since I decided to stop trusting machines a month or so ago when I read a study that says they typically over-estimate your calories burned by 15-20%.

So I did some math, and figured I burned between 563 calories and 587 calories. So I figure that’s still pretty good.

Not to mention, I haz so meny endorphinzz


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Lower Calorie PB&J—save 280 calories!

Who doesn’t love a god PB&J sandwich? This morning, I woke up super late, and the subtle sugary goodness of this sandwich woke me up, filled me up, and I’m sure will fuel me till lunch time! The best part? It’s 200 calories vs. 480, heights a normal PB&J sandwich can reach, even with portion control and healthier choices.


  • 2 Slices Sara Lee Delightful 100% Whole Wheat (90 calories)
  • 2 Tablespoons Better n’ Peanut Butter (100 cals)
  • 1 Tablespoon Smucker’s Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves (10 cals) [there are way more flavors than raspberry too!]


  • Spread, slice, enjoy how you  like it!
  • TIP: I like to toast my bread before hand. Gives it a pleasant crunch and warmth.
  • TIP: Sara Lee offers other “lite” breads—in white, wheat, and multigrain. But ALWAYS go for 100% Whole Wheat. You’ll be fuller, longer, and it’s guaranteed to have the WHOLE GRAIN, where as multigrain is guaranteed to just have at least 2 parts of the grain, plus it might be more processed. And why would you just get “wheat” when you can have 100% whole wheat?

   Nutrition Totals:

Calories: 200 Fat: 4g Carbohydrates: 32g Sugars: 4g Protein: 10g Fiber: 7g

COMPARED TO, average PB&J:

  • Bread: 2 Slices Sara Lee Hearty & Delicious 100% Whole Wheat with Honey
  • 2 Tablespoons JIF Regular Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 1 Tablespoon Smucker’s Red Raspberry Jelly

Calories: 480 Fat: 19g Carbohydrates: 62g Sugars: 25g Protein: 17 Fiber: 8g

In  making the comparison, the normal PB&J only comes out on top in terms of protein and 1 gram of fiber (no big deal on that one, eat some celery!) If you want that extra protein, grab a plain greek yogurt—that’s about an extra 18 grams of protein for only 100 calories, so you still come out with 180 calories less!

Below is my delicious PB&J!

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