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I'm a 20 year old junior in college, trying to promote a healthy life style for myself and others, which can definitely be hard to do in college. In this blog, I'll experiment with recipes, blog about my own progress towards body wellness inside-and-out, and hopefully help some of you out along the way! Last summer, with a month of exercise and eating right, I lost my freshman 15. Over the past year, I have been maintaining my weight and continuing to hone my healthy cooking skills!

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Turkey Perky Jerky, for the healthy carnivore!

Not gonna lie, you guys. I have always been a HUGE fan of jerky. They were a staple for family road trips. Dad and I would always split a bag. Or we’d both get a “Slim Jim.” It was delicious. I was a mega carnivore for those things. Yet, sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I had some. When the first bit of health-consciousness sparked in me five or so years ago, I stopped eating a lot less of it. And then, none.

Those days are over, folks. Because I found the best jerky ever: Turkey Perky Jerky!

One serving of this delicious stuff is 50 calories [significantly less than beef jerky (avg. 100 cals) , and definitely less than a slim jim (130 cals)]. It has 0g fat, 2g carbs, and 9g of protein and contains no preservatives, no nitrates, and no added MSG. It’s great as a pick-me-up (or, “perk-me-up”) snack, and I imagine it would be GREAT on a hike. Not to mention, its smokey-meaty-spicy-sweet flavor just makes me want to gobble, gobble it up! Pun intended.

What’s more, this stuff even better is some of the proceeds go to a GOOD CAUSE—the fight against muscular dystrophy and down syndrome.

Where can you find it? Well, TARGET carries it, for one. Or you could buy it online. So go ahead, treat your inner carnivore. ;)

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